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“Let’s calculate!” Workshop, 5 May 2014, Paris - Schedule

05 May 2014
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Workshop Schedule

Monday 5 May 2014
Sciences Po
13 rue de l’Université (Salle du Conseil, 5th floor) 75007 Paris
Organized by Martin Giraudeau and Vincent Lépinay

9:30-12:15: SESSION 1: measurement, decision, closure

Liisa Kurunmaki & Peter Miller
Economizing failure

Oz Gore & Chris McLean
Valuing and organisational events

Zsuzsanna Vargha
Performing agency theory

11:00-11:15: Short break

Michael Power
The social life of accounting estimates

Lesley Green
Calculemos Jasus lalandii: accounting for the ecological regime change of the South African West Coast Rock Lobster

12:15-13:30: Lunch break (ground floor)

13:30-15:30: SESSION 2: economy, state, development

Norman Schrapel
Coding healthcare interventions in Rwanda

Mary Morgan
Wanted: planned economy

14:30-14:45: Short break

Tim Mitchell
Poor’s manual of railroads

Cristiano Busco & Paolo Quattrone
Finance matters: doubt, inventory and invention

15:45-16:15: Afternoon break (coffee/tea)

16:15-17:45: SESSION 3: morality, discipline, transparency

Casey Primel
Verifying the books and accounts of these sad characters

Andrea Mennicken
Custody, care and cost: accounting between economy and morality

Harro Maas
Letts calculate: moral accounting in the Victorian period

18:00 (end of the workshop)

AIME team and audience members : Bruno Latour, Christophe Leclercq, Pierre Jullian de la Fuente, Robin de Mourat, Patrice Maniglier, Isabelle Stengers, Keith Robson.


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