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Contribution - The dangers of ‘arranging the modes’

13 May 2015

The dangers of ‘arranging the modes’, another contribution written collectively by the members of GECo (Isabelle Stengers, Didier Debaise, Aline Wiame et Nicolas Prignot), during the Diplomatic Writing Week, (July 2014, École des Mines in Paris), on Conclusion Part Two - Arranging the modes of existence:

However much the method of arrangement proposed within aime tries to hold back from any systematising ambition, its structure prompts some awkward questions. Every arrangement can lead to a metaphysical generalisation. In the case of aime it’s not merely the first arrangement ([REP], [MET], [HAB]) that might trigger negative conjecture; it’s the idea that aime is arrangeable at all, which might suggest that it has forgotten that its modes are retained for pragmatic reasons. [...]

Please click the following link to access the complete contribution on the English version of the site.

(Kindly translated by Michael Thomas, Timothy Howles and Stephen Muecke)

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