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A new entry through crossings

08 April 2014
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Dear readers and co-inquirers,

As you have no doubt noticed, the whole inquiry project is based on the analysis of crossings, the unique way to document category mistakes that arise from given documents. However, until now, the provisional report, as well as the site organisation, favors an access through the text which reviews modes as if they were explored independently from each other.

To transform your reading and encourage you to follow up on the inquiry the way it should be investigated, we have added a new entry through crossings.

From now on, when you click on a mode or a crossing in the VOC column, you will see a « explore the pivot table » button. This button will take you to a brand new interface. There, you will find a presentation by tiles of all items or arguments related to this mode or crossing. Tiles can be displayed full screen by a simple click, which makes reading them much easier.

Now, if you look at the top right of the screen, you will find a button « click to shift modes or crossings ». You will see a triangle serving as an orientation table. Browse it and you will experience the interest of such an exploration.
On each page of this new interface, you can either see everything at a glance (like a bulk search function), or choose from one of scenarios that we have drawn to help you in the analysis of a crossing or a mode (it is a huge task but we have produced some of them, see crossings [TEC·FIC], [REP·REF]).

Of course, you’ll realize that a lot of documents are needed. Indeed, this is the purpose of the inquiry and the new visualisation: each time one of your contributions is accepted and published, it will supplement the documents available on the page corresponding to the crossing.
You can go back anytime to the initial platform to browse or contribute (see tutorial when logged-in).

Enjoy your visit

The AIME Team.

PS: don't hesitate to write your comment

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