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Workshop [ORG] 27 April 2013, Paris - Call for contributions

28 March 2013
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AIME Workshop on Organization

Saturday, 27 April from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Goguel meeting room (Salle Goguel), 56 rue des Saints Pères (5ème étage), 75007 Paris

What does it mean to organize? How can we define this movement, this sliding, this passage that manages to leave in its wake agencements , arrangements or even order? What is this mode of existence whose trajectory constantly reaffirms, reproduces and even institutionalizes groups  - organizations - something that seems to us so typical of the Moderns’ world.

These are the questions that will be informing the session on 27 April with François Cooren, one of the Inquiry’s mediators. We would like to focus on Chapter 14 that deals with organization, and more specifically, the question of scripts, frameworks and projects, so emblematic of the mode of existence ORG.

Rather than beginning with organized entities such as multinationals, administrations and non-profit organizations, the workshop will be chiefly concerned with what it means to ‘speak and act organizationally’ the way of talking and acting that constantly creates the disengagements- spatial, temporal and relational - that assemble our daily lives. As though in a role-play, the Moderns, playing both author and character are constantly making up scripts, scenarios, procedures, protocols, projects, as many beings as necessary that have the very characteristic property of committing the Moderns to respect deadlines that they can then afterwards leave behind them. These mini-transcendences that order their daily lives are a way of creating an effect of continuity, stability and, durability thus stabilizing and ordering, for yet another first time, their out-of-control world

For this session, which aligns itself to the bigger project of empirical metaphysics, we will be putting the mode of existence ORG to the test - but along with the rest of the gang, the similar modes ATT and MOR - by testing arguments using documents brought in by participants in the workshop, allowing us to support or contradict the numerous examples alluded to in the text (without though, being able to go into great detail). With these materials, we would like to move towards more refined characterizations of how the modes ATT, ORG and MOR are interwoven; as well as examine the problems that these present to the diplomatic task to come.

If you would like to participate in this collaborative workshop on the question of organization,  simply signing up will not be enough. Before participating, you will have to have to send in (in whatever form you prefer) the document that you would like to start the discussion off with (a piece of text, an image, a story, an file) as well as a short outline of  several lines of a passage in the final chapters that you would have put to the test. Based on the ideas that you send us, we will select those that will allow us to move through the test as well as run the workshop as quickly and efficiently as possible. This then, is how we would like for you to  participate in this workshop on the 27th. This procedure, while different to some of the  previous sessions, is really the only way to go beyond the presentation followed by Q&A format  that does not really allow us to move towards the type of inquiry that we would like and that the next update to the site will allow us to develop further still.

Please send us your document and outline, before Wednesday, 10 April, to contact[at]modesofexistence[dot]org

The AIME Team

This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) as part of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) / ERC Grant ‘IDEAS’ 2010 n° 269567.

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