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Final evaluation conference, 28-29 July 2014, Paris - Schedule

27 July 2014
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Please find below a provisional programme for these two days.

Caution: Due to the experimental and diplomatic features of the final conference, the programme is placed entirely under the control of the 7 Chargés d’Affaires and may be subjected to important modifications.

EME Programme by AIMEteam

We are afraid all available places have been allocated, but we can put you on a waiting list. Because of the number of currently registered participants, the debates will be broadcast by video into a second room, Room h101, located in the same building.

Please, be on time: a control will be made at the entrance of the room and your seat will be re-assigned to people on the waiting list as soon as the conference starts.


Final Evaluation Colloquium 28-29 July 2014, Sciences Po, Paris - Scope

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