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Final evaluation conference, 28-29 July 2014 - Video

11 September 2014
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The diplomatic encounter between the different tiers of co-inquirers, "chargés d'affaires" and public (including the public present through the video stream) has taken place as scheduled (28-29 July 2014) at Sciences Po., marking the provisional end of the collective part of the AIME project. Find below the videos:

Please have a look at the programme.

28 July 2014 (introduction)

28 July 2014 (morning: Didier Debaise, François Cooren, Milad Doueihi, Antoine Hennion, Pierre-Laurent Boulanger)

28 July 2014 (afternoon 1: Barbara Cassin, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro)

28 July 2014 (afternoon 2: Annemarie Mol)

29 July 2014 (morning : Dipesh Chakrabarty, Deborah Danowski, Peter Weibel)

29 July 2014 (afternoon : Simon Schaffer, Clive Hamilton & final discussion)

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