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Contributions: How to make editing and reading easier for everybody

11 April 2014
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Dear Contributor,

Your contributions are increasing in number and we would like to thank you for it. However, in order to make editing and reading easier for everybody, it has now become important to standardize how they are formatted.

When you write a contribution, the first entry shows only one field. This field is for the heading of your contribution, which should not exceed 400 characters. This heading will then appear on top of all following documents. We ask you therefore to please keep it as short as possible.

After this, the next entries are organized in three textfields:

  • Field No. 1 is for the paragraph describing the relevance of the document to the Inquiry (and which should also be quite short – no more than 600 words/3000 characters)

  • Field No. 2 is for the link that will display the documents

  • Field No. 3 is for the bibliographic reference to the document (if possible use MLA standard)

When your paragraph becomes too long, please split it into several documents, making it easier to read (caution: hard/soft returns on word processors will disappear when copying and pasting the text into the IME platform. To avoid this, open a new document each time). If in a paragraph, you refer to a picture, film or audio file, please do not forget to quote the exact reference in Field No. 3 that follows it. If the paragraph has no specific reference, skip the next two fields and go directly to the next document.

If your document or arguments are really substantial or contain many images, you have several alternatives: refer to a PDF, put the URL of a website/blog, etc.

All the best,

The AIME Team

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