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Contribution's lifecycle

31 October 2013
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Here is a graphical representation of the lifecycle of a contribution. We will be adding a more detailed explanation in the next few days.

To be successful, the AIME project relies on your contributions. To this end, we have proposed a process of scientific mediation as illustrated in this diagram. It reads from left to right, beginning in column one and finishing in column five.

  • To start contributing, please signup and login into the interface. You do not have to wait for any specific moment or call for contributions.

  • Next, you can write your new contribution in your personal space where you can save it as a draft (when a contribution is in private mode it appears in blue) or send it in to be mediated (arrow ‘a’ in the diagram). In both instances, you can always find your contributions in your notebook.

  • Once sent in, your contribution will go to the AIME team who will either get back to you directly by email (arrow ‘b1’) or be redirected to the mediator best suited to study your contribution (arrow ‘b2’). The mediator will either contact you by email either to request some changes or let you know the reason for your contribution being rejected. Throughout this procedure, your contribution will remain in the contribution column and appear greyed out. You can however, edit it at any time.

  • Once a mediator, after having contacted you by email, approves the publication of your contribution, the text will turn black. It will no longer be editable and will be visible to anyone connected to the site.

  • Contributors who have participated in the project may be invited to participate in the two events marking the closing of the Inquiry as well as the final diplomatic encounter that will take place in July 2014 (please consult the timeline on the Inquiry’s homepage.

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