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16 December 2013
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Please find below links to reading groups, blogs working on AIME:

AIME Research group

AIME reading group / Witte de With & the Centre for Art and Philosophy of the Erasmus University

Technology and Culture Reading Group

Saimeinariet. Vi läser Bruno Latours "An Inquiry into the Modes of Existence" (Swedish)

Seminar on AIME (website) / Université Libre de Bruxelles and the Université de Namur

AIME Reading group (info via The Public School)

Other websites

Circling Squares

Philosophy Cafe - Cafe Philosophique › Modes of Existence

Knowledge Ecology

Agent Swarm

Don't hesitate to tweet/email us/comment this blog post to let us know about other initiatives.

We will update this list.

The AIME team

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