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04 February 2014
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Dear readers and co-inquirers of the AIME project

As you know, we are entering the home stretch of the project - at least the part that is financed under the ERC scheme. This means that we have to accelerate somewhat the process of contributions and redrafting if we are to meet our obligation, at the end of July, to offer a ''diplomatic'' settlement of some sort. As you may recall, the original plan is to first redraft the weakest parts of the inquiry - especially during the week of the 21st to the 25th of July - and then to test whether the diplomatic argument means anything - for this we have reserved two days on the 28th and 29th of July with which to mark the closing ''ceremony'' of the ERC project. We are well aware that the timing is insane and that we are simply doing a small-scale model of a project that should really last for much longer (hopefully it will last for much longer...). However, such are the tight constraints under which we have been functioning all along.

So, in order to accelerate the contribution and redrafting process, we are organizing, together with the mediators, a series of face-to-face meetings - you can easily follow the list on the timeline. For instance, Noortje Marres is organizing a meeting on politics [POL] in London on the 31st of January. Vincent Lepinay is setting up another meeting on economics and especially [ATT] on the 24- 26thth February in Copenhagen. On the 24-25th of March in Montreal we are testing, thanks to the anthropologists of McGill the feasibility of the diplomatic setting, which will be extremely important for July. François Cooren is organizing a workshop on organization [ORG] in Montreal as well. In April, along with some French semioticians we will test the metalanguage of AIME to see whether it has any coherence especially around the key notion of ''enunciation'' and its avatars. In the same month we will spend a week working on law [LAW] in Paris with Kyle and will conclude with a meeting the 28th. Again in April, we will have a fascinating meeting on the key crossing of [REP·REF] organized by Didier Debaise with biologists and physicists in the marvelous setting of the island of Porquerolles. May and June will also be busy with meetings on [REL] organized by Milad Doueihi along with many other associated events taking place and that we will do our best to follow.

The purpose of this list is not just to show you that we are working like mad! It is also to invite you to contribute to the inquiry by through the regular channel of the website. Please find the link to the platform

That said, one of our most pressing and immediate needs is to find out how many of you will be interested in coming to Paris at the end of July for the final meeting on the 28th and 29th which will represent the end of the project. On this occasion we plan to present the outline (drafted the week before) to a group of selected critics who will represent, so to speak, the ''sovereign'' to which the provisional protocol of AIME will be presented. The details have not been sorted out yet, but the logistics still have to be penciled in and for this we need to have a rough idea of the number of potential participants. So, we would kindly ask you to let us know by filling out the following form:

The AIME team

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