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AIME Platform Tutorial and User's Manual V.1

30 October 2013
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AIME Platform Tutorial 2: How to Bookmark/Contribute? from AIME team on Vimeo.

You can have a look at the previous demo below to see the previous functionalities: how to navigate/switch from one language to another, etc. :

AIME platform Tutorial 1: How to Navigate/Search/Switch language? from AIME team on Vimeo.

User Guide

About the augmented book

To make going back and forth from the online book to the paper version we have kept the typography and page numbering exactly the same. The online book however, offers a very powerful search function.

Why have we called the online book ‘augmented’?

Because to the right of the column that has the body of the book. we have added three columns. The width and functions of these columns vary depending on their contents and your interactions with them.

What is each column for?

The first column is for vocabulary (v). Clicking on a word in bold will take you to an entry in the glossary that will go into more detail.

The second column is for documents (d). It allows the reader to toggle between the text and the documents — what we call the critical apparatus — in a digital environment. The entries in this column are indicated by a dot. When you click on this column it expands and allows you to access bibliographic references, as well as PDF documents, photos or videos. There are also galleries, where artists who have prepared some elaborate exhibitions for the reader.

The third column is for contributions (c). This is where readers can publish critiques, add supplementary information or complementary documents and even propose alternatives to what has been written. This can be done from the notebook feature.

About this user guide

This guide seeks to help you take advantage of the many possibilities offered by the augmented book. Below, you will find six sections, each of which deals with an essential feature of the user interface.

To get the most out of your visit, we strongly recommend using the browser Google Chrome (if the augmented book does not load, try again after turning off any 3rd party Chrome ad or pop up blocker extensions). You can of course use any other browser, but you risk missing out on certain features and having a less responsive experience (please remember to check that your browser is fully up to date).

Please find below the table of contents of our User Guide available here in a detailed version

  1. Accessing the augmented book
    1.1. Creating your account
    1.2. Verifying your account
    1.3. Signing into the augmented book

  2. Choosing your language

  3. Navigating within the book
    3.1. Displaying the main text of the book: column (t)
    3.2. Accessing definitions and key concepts: column (v)
    3.3. Consulting associated documents: column (d)
    3.4. Accessing contributions made by readers: column (c)

  4. Searching within the book

  5. Adding bookmarks
    5.1. Bookmarking pages
    5.2. Bookmarking videos or images
    5.3. Accessing bookmarked sections: the notebook
    5.4. Deleting bookmarks 6. Contributing

  6. Contributing
    6.1. Writing a contribution
    6.1.1. Accessing the contribution window
    6.1.2. Adding the contribution text
    6.1.3. Linking a document
    6.1.4. Modifying a contribution
    6.2. Publishing a contribution: sending it into the mediators
    6.3. Deleting a contribution

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