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23 August 2013
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Don't hesitate to let us know about blog reading groups like the AIME Research group. Gathering folks from the UK, Canada, the US and elsewhere, this English book group will be coordinated via and shepherded by Adam Robbert of the blog Knowledge Ecology:

The response to my suggestion for a reading group on Bruno Latour’s An Inquiry into Modes of Existence was much larger than I had anticipated. This can only be good news. To facilitate dialogue, I’ve constructed a new WordPress site that will act as a hub for all the group’s discussions. As an experiment in the digital humanities, the work featured on the site will draw from multiple scholars working in interdisciplinary contexts. Our hope is to engage AIME in a dialogical and open-access format that will allow the scholarly community at large to think with the text through written response pieces, digital dialogues, and other multimedia formats. The first posts will be up within the next few days. The site is now online here.
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