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[REL] Workshop, 21-22 May 2014, Paris - Schedule

21 May 2014
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Here is the presentation for our workshop dedicated to the mode of existence [REL] for Religion. (our call for submissions is available here)

10h - 12h30 - Workshop (Salle du Conseil)

Introduction of Participants and Collaborative Platform

Milad Doueihi : An aphorism of Nietzsche

Elisabeth Claverie: Recent work on the current combattants in the Democratic Republic of Congo

12h30 - 14h00 Break

14h00 - 15h30 Workshop

Bruno Karsenti: Spinoza's Theologico-Political Treatise and passages from the Bible (Exodus, Deutoronomy, Numbers)

Bruno Latour: On Eric Voeglin's The New Science of Politics (trad. fr. et préf. par Sylvie Courtine-Denamy, La Nouvelle Science du politique, Seuil, 2000).

15h30-16h00 Break

16h00-18h00: Workshop Salle du Conseil

Emma Aubin-Boltanski : Film: Catherine ou le corps de la Passion (viewing/discussion)

Bruno Latour et Milad Doueihi: Conclusion

Thursday, May 22

10h-12h30 : Workshop (Salle du Conseil)

Christophe Boureux : “Some theological remarks on the homiletic felicity conditions of Christianity.” (the paintings of the Annunciation of Ambrogio Lorenzetti and Fra Angelico and the text of "La Vie d’Antoine" of Athanase d’Alexandrie)

Damien Mottier : Film: Prophète(s) (viewing/discussion)

Patricia de Aquino : On the Afro-Brazilian Divinities of Candomblé (45 mn)

12h30-14h00: Break

14h00-15h30: Workshop (Salle du Conseil)

Anne-Sophie Lamine : Belief and Doubt

Pierre Beslay : [REL] On Spike Jonze’s Her

15h30-16h00 : Break

16h00-18h00 : Conclusion of Workshop (Diplomatic Session)

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