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Reset Modernity! & Critical Media Lab Basel

07 June 2015
catégorisé sous: exhibition design

For the exhibition Reset Modernity! upcoming at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, the AIME team has enlisted the help of Critical Media Lab Basel researchers Jamie Allen, Claudia Mareis, Johannes Bruder, Moritz Greiner-Petter, Flavia Caviezel and Carola Giannone. They have been helping to conceptualise the physical exhibition and are currently sketching variations with FHNW Masterstudio students: Josefine Krebs, Esther Stute, Jil Wiesner, Mirko Mertens, Ephraim Ebertshäuser, Felipe Schwager, Dan Kray, Yunhyun Park and Silvia Balzan.

The group's main interest is, in some ways, the inverse the question asked by An Inquiry Into Modes of Existence. Instead of asking ‘why is it so hard to describe experience,’ the team at the Critical Media Lab asks, ‘why is it so hard to experience description?’

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