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Open AIME Workshop 11-12 June Paris

12 June 2015
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The AIME team organized a two days speculative workshop in Paris to communicate about the results and test the conceptual framework of the digital platform against other possible usages and enquiries.

Groups were invited to work on 3 differents use cases (Critical Zones, Swiss Reformed Ecclesiology 2.0 & CVCE ePublications), brainstorming on context-aware argumentation platform for scholarly publishing in the field of humanities and social sciences.

Presentation of the AIME project results

Introduction by Christophe Leclercq

Robin de Mourat (Université de Rennes 2): Some interpretative tools for data collected from AIME

Joachim Prehn Thomsen (ITU, Copenhagen): Experiences and perspective on the AIME platform

Workshop Preliminary Documents

CVCE ePublications

Swiss Reformed Ecclesiology 2.0

Critical Zones


Scenario 1 for Ecclesiology 2.0 use case

Scenario 2 for CVCE use case

Scenario 3 for Critical Zone use case

A few tweets written by Bruno Latour at the end of the presentation of the three scenarios.

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