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Why 15 modes ?

25 October 2013
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The number of modes is quite contingent and provisional. They are what I have been able to explore from the beginning of the inquiry to the present, judging what is important about each mode for the burning issues I have encountered in my path. There is no overarching principle that decides how many there should be. One must simply bear in mind that the addition of a mode by a contributor means a lot of work (one has to be able to cross it with all the others!) that it must justify itself by its importance as a stakeholder (does it allow us to see more clearly the essential vital questions for the understanding of the Moderns?) and finally, can it allow us to establish another basis of understanding with the other collectives? Apart from these limits, the worksite is completely open.

Feel free to suggest here (via blog comments) a possible additional mode - please set out your argument.

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