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Workshop with mediators

24 October 2013
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24 October 2013, Sciences Po, Paris

The project's mediators met in Paris to set down the details for the procedures for moderating contributions and all validated contributions will be made public from this date. The Mediation team will share the task of reviewing the contributions that you will be making from October 2014 to June 2014. Among the moderators are Bruno Latour, Milad Doueihi, Vincent Lépinay, François Cooren, Noortje Marres, Didier Debaise, Nicolas Prignot, Aline Wiame and Pierre-Laurent Boulanger. This workshop will also define the annual schedule for the events that we will be organizing that deal with the modes or the crossings shared out among the Mediators. The schedule will be published on the blog once it has been finalized. The final year of the project will be characterized by these encounters that will allow us to call upon your contributions and allow us to shed some light on those areas of the Inquiry that require some extra attention.

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