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Reset Modernity! Field Book

15 April 2016

Find the short description of the Field Book of our exhibition Reset Modernity! (and the full online pdf) below.

Reset Modernity! Field Book

The field book [pdf] is your companion throughout your visit.

The path through the show is divided into six procedures, each allowing for a partial reset.

Each page has a letter corresponding to one of these procedures plus a number and a picture for easy reference to the works in the show (see the corresponding letter/number on the floor in front of the works).

You find here a brief work description to which is added the curators’ reason for choosing this particular work and placing it where it is.

As the name “field book” indicates, you are invited to do a bit of research yourself. In each procedure, you will find a sort of workplace, called a “station”: this is where you will find more information and where you can discuss the path of the inquiry.

Don't hesitate to share your ideas/critics/contributions using the hastags for each works and stations - you can find them in our recent blog post.

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