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04 March 2016
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Dear co-inquirers

The AIME team has not remained idle. We have published two articles on the machinery of the project: one on the design and the complex feedback process that had to be invented, a process that we use as an experiment in digital humanities; the other piece, more esoteric, is from the software engineers of the team and tells the story of the long rebuilding process. Since the project has connected philosophers, designers and software engineers, we have also pluralized the idea of what esoteric means!

The most important task, however, is the preparation of the exhibition Reset Modernity! due to begin on the Saturday 16th of April 2016, and end on the 21st of August 2016. We have not tried to replicate in any way the AIME book or the site. The show is organized as a brand new trajectory that has been devised around the notion of “reset” — a notion that turned out to be of great interest.

Incredibly enough we also managed to complete the catalog in which you will find texts written by co-inquirers, and which will be expanded on our platform with additional contributions.

Since the exhibition has been devised as an experiment - a Gedankensausstellung -, we would of course be thrilled to have you visit it and give us your feedback. It is the fourth instantiation of the diplomatic spirit of the AIME project, after the book, the site, and the face to face encounters. The comparison between the four successive mediums will be important for the continuation of the inquiry.

Bruno Latour and the AIME team.

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