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Reset Modernity! Hashtags (Feel Free to Contribute!)

02 July 2016

[updated: link to the RM! live wall frequently updated and displayed within the exhibition space]

Reset Modernity! is an extended, on-going, field experiment, composed of 6 procedures and many different kind of works (art works, documents, etc), in order to reset a few of the instruments that allow us to register some of the confusing signals sent by the epoch.

We’d like to share with you information as well as get get feedback from visitors via Twitter.

We’d also like for you to make your contribution too (by "contribute" we mean something deeper and sustained than the usual "I like / dislike") by:

  • Replying on Twitter to the tweets we wrote and that you can find in the list below (each relates to a procedure or a work displayed in our exhibition: just click on one of it to open it in Twitter and then to reply to it). In this case, everybody will be able to follow the whole conversation regarding one specific procedure or work.

See this example:


  • Posting a new tweet, using the hashtags #ResetModernity! + the letter/number corresponding to each procedure & work (e.g., #ResetModernity! plus #A1 for the work Powers of Ten in the procedure A). These letters/numbers correspond to what you can/will find in the Field Book [you can find the the online English pdf version here] given to the visitors at the entrance of the exhibition space.

As a result, a selection of the tweets (and other excerpts from various critics, etc.) are included in our "live wall" which is displayed in the exhibition space - and also available at the following link :

Please find the first tweets we wrote below:

Please find here the full list of hashtags you can use on twitter to share with us and with other visitors your own experience (critics, contributions, etc.) of the Reset Modernity! exhibition.

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