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IME Seminar in Bruxelles - 26 June 2014 - Schedule

26 June 2014
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Here is the program of the last meeting of the seminar organised by François Thoreau and Ariane d’Hoop, to which the AIME team has been invited:

  1. “How can we expect images to go in a straight line?”
    // Elsa Maury, based on the documentary, "Dust Breeding/Élevage de poussière", Belgium, 47min, Sarah Vanagt, 2013 (Balthasar production)

  2. “Questioning the ‘modes of crossing’: [fic]+[ref] ≠ [fic·ref],”
    // Gert Meyers, based on a novel by Thomas Blondeau.

  3. “Making things stand up. Plural requirements for an architectural project.”
    // Pauline Lefebvre et Giulietta Laki, based on planological objects.

  4. “How to make ways of living carry on,”
    // Ariane d’Hoop, based on the relocation of a psychiatric institution.

  5. “How to follow an algorithm along its pathways,”
    // Jérémy Grosman, François Thoreau et Jessica Borotto, based on a computer technology to do with machine learning.

More information on the seminar’s webpage

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