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IME Seminar in Bruxelles - 26 June 2014 - Results

28 June 2014
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We have written some new contributions from a seminar on AIME organized by François Thoreau and Ariane d'Hoop, which are available in the second entryway into the platform (modes and crossings/click on the links to access this content directly, you must be logged in to view them).

"How do we reestablish subjects?" (followed by a presentation by Ariane d'Hoop, which analyzes a therapy center for children, which conforms to the constraints of institutional analysis) Accessible by [MET] in the English version.

"The Beginning of a Project" (followed by a presentation by Pauline Lefebvre) Accessible through crossing [FIC·ORG]

"Some tastes and colors we always discuss" (followed by a discussion, at the break, between Bruno Latour and Pierre Jullian de la Fuente). Accessible by [FIC] and, also inside of the new scenario, "Reinstituting the beings of fiction."

"3 Versions of the Crossing [FIC·REF]" (followed by an intervention by Gert Meyers, and accessible by the crossing [FIC·REF]

La présentation par Elsa Maury du film de Sarah Vanagt "Elevage de poussière", 2013) a suscité les deux contributions suivantes :

"Le procédé négationniste" (accessible aux croisements [REF·DC])

"The Denier's Process" (accessible by crossings[FIC·DC] / [FIC·DRO] / [FIC·REF] & [REF·DC])

"Conspiracy Theories" (accessible by crossing [REF·DC])

As well as a more general reflection on the crossing [REF·DRO] "Learning to resist evidence" Accessible by crossing [REF·DRO]

The workshop has also raised the question of the reinstitution of "modern" art, tying with another of our [FIC] workgroups at Weimar: "Reestablishing 'Modern' Art"?

P.s. Thank you to Sarah Vanagt who has authorized us to stream her film "Elevage de poussière", 2013 on the platform.

Resources :

Program from the June 26, 2014 meeting..

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